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    Fool FP to run WEBBOTS (FP 2K Ver 4.0.2)

    I masked a FOLDER of files on our Network to look like a WEBSITE by building an .htm page with links and buttons. This is because IT wouldn't give me access to the IIS Server.
    I got ActiveX cmd Buttons to work... NOW they want FORMS, HIT COUNTERS and a DatabaseASP for my 'Site'.

    OK, so I created my own monster by impressing them by making it LOOK like a website. Is there any way to get WEBBOTS or ActiveX controls to run on a .htm document that ISN'T published to a web server????

    Help...any help appreciated.


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    Re: Fool FP to run WEBBOTS (FP 2K Ver 4.0.2)

    You might want to take a look at <post#=61823>post 61823</post#>, which discusses the role of the webserver. To summarize the features you are asking for without a web server :
    <table border=1><td> Feature</td><td>Will it work?</td><td>Forms</td><td>Forms will work. However, without a server - what you can do with the information returned by the form may be limited.</td><td>Hit Counters</td><td>Won't work - need to be processed by a web server. Most professional level web servers have traffic monitoring software that gives a more accurate representation of traffic than a hit counter does.</td><td>Database/ASP</td><td>Nope - you need a web server to process the ASP pages.</td><td>WebBots</td><td>Nope - you need a web server to process the webbot script. More specifically, you'll need a web server with FP server extensions.</td><td>ActiveX</td><td>My understanding is that ActiveX controls are processed by the browser. If so, then you will be okay without a webserver. However, not all browsers will process ActiveX controls. </td>

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