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    Attach web page (XP SP-2)

    I want to attach a web page to an email, but when I try it is displayed without frames. Is there a way to send the whole shebang?

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    Re: Attach web page (XP SP-2)

    If you send the frameset document, then when it is opened on the other end, the URLs of the pages that get loaded into the frames need to be valid. Even if you attach all of the individual elements, Outlook is unlikely to realize the relationship and open them all at once when the frameset is opened. Even if it did, the temp folders used might not match, causing a page not found. Therefore, that strategy is very unlikely to work.

    If you are unable to use external URLs (loading the frames from the web) you might try zipping the whole site and having the recipient unzip them into a single folder. If this is too difficult for the recpient, then you will have to rewrite the page. Unless, of course, I'm missing something really cool!

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