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    solitaire oddity (XP Pro SP-1)

    Here is a question of absolutely no importance, except that it has me intrigued. Solitaire on XP has a new set of card decks, different from the decks that were in earlier Windows versions that I have used. As you know, if you don't select a particular deck, the game opens with a randomly chosen deck each time you start Solitaire. Here's the curiosity: the last one of the twelve possible decks is a green background with little yellow racing cars. There are 3 WinXP machines in this office, and after thousands of games, no one has ever had the race car deck show up, but everyone has seen the other eleven. What gives?


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    Re: solitaire oddity (XP Pro SP-1)

    It sounds like the programmer used the formula to generate a random number between 0 and 11 without including 11 in the range,
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