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    DNS Alias? Let me fix that for you!

    Hi all,

    I'm working in a company that has multiple template servers at sites all over the globe. Documents often globe hop creating a problem when the attached template is located on a server half a planet away. I got to thinking that I could either map a common drive letter to all the PC's or, even slicker, use a DNS alais for my template servers. Either way would work, if Word wasn't so damn inclined to "help you". I'm probably going to be disappointed on this, but, is there anyway to prevent Word (97/2000) from resolving a drive letter or DNS alias to the literal UNC in the attached template? To illustrate:

    First I map the O drive to my template server and then plug into my attached template "". After I save and close the document and then reopen it. Word has magically resolved the O: to the literal server or This pretty much defeats the purpose of using the drive letter. Same behavior using DNS alias.

    Thanks a ton in advance for the assistance. I'm pretty sure I'm SOL on this problem. [img]/S/sad.gif[/img]


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    Re: DNS Alias? Let me fix that for you!

    *** Geoff W URL Markup added ****

    If I would have only looked a little deeper.

    Article Q171406
    <A target="_blank" HREF=>WD97: How to Disable the Use of Universal Naming Convention (UNC)</A>

    Interesting FYI for everyone I guess. [img]/S/doh.gif[/img]

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