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    Excel/Word Question (XP 2002)

    Hey Guys

    I used to have Office 2000, and when I try to open an Excel or Word file, (using the Open icon), I merely type a string ("ace") in the File Name bar, and all filenames with the word "ace" would appear, (such as "acetone," "Acer", "ratrace", etc) didnt matter if the word ace was in the middle, just as long as the filename had the word, it would appear in the open window when I typed enter...

    however, when I upgraded to Office XP (2002), this feature doesnt work there something I have to tweak to restore this feature? its very helpful since I have a directory which contains a lot of files, and am not too good at remembering...

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    Re: Excel/Word Question (XP 2002)


    You can type <font color=red>*ace*</font color=red> and then click open to create such a wildcard search. Those asterisks mean "zero to many characters"

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