The other day, I logged onto Windows Update (running 98SE); & the scan told me I needed critical updates & security patches relative to Internet Explorer & Outlook Express 6.0 (Service Pack 1.) I downloaded & installed, which was taking a bit longer than usual...& then I noticed that it looked like the full versions of both IE & OE were installing. That must have been the case, because when the process was over, I had icons on my desktop (& also, during the download, the dialog had read: "Downloading IE 6.0, Downloading OE 6.0, etc.) Thing is...I already had version 6!

Has anyone else experienced this? Is a full download & install part of SP1?

I also noticed that since, I have been not been able to open e-mail attachments (the envelope icon is grayed out.)

Anyone have any ideas on this?

Thanks in advance,