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    Excel 97 AcceptAllChanges

    Could anyone help me in first understanding this option and secondly getting it to work. The help doesn't say what its options are yet VBA says there are three. I don't know what to fill in there to make it work or work out what it does.

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    Re: Excel 97 AcceptAllChanges

    This must be one of the most badly documented methods.

    All I can see is that the options are

    When Who Where

    It seems like one of those MS functions or methods prepared for future changes but not implemented yet, and probably they intended to get it activate it in Excel 2000 but due to lack of time, it was not done.

    I would just forget about it, and use AcceptAllChanges without options.

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    Re: Excel 97 AcceptAllChanges

    I'm really sorry that I didn't say. I tried the line, ActiveWorkBook.AcceptAllChanges and it errored on it? That's why I didn't know what it did.

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    Re: Excel 97 AcceptAllChanges

    Is your workbook shared ?. As I understand it this method only applies to a workbook that is being shared.

    Andrew C

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