My office has a number of departmental exchange accounts. Rather than logging into the accounts directly, the users manage these accounts (using "send as" rights to avoid the "on behalf of" message) as additional mailboxes in their folder list. When deleting items from the various mailboxes, the items go to the corresponding account's deleted items folder (rather than the user's personal deleted items folder), thanks to a registry hack in MS KB article 202517.

How can I set it up so a message, sent on behalf of another account (using the "from" field and "send as" rights) while logged into his/her own account, ends up in the "Sent Items" folder corresponding to the managed account, rather than the user's own "Sent Items" folder? My current solution is to BCC the the managed account, then set up a rule in the managed account to move any messages received from itself to its "Sent Items" folder. I was wondering if anyone out there had a more elegant solution to the problem.