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    International number and date formatting (VBA/Word 2000)

    To all:

    I currently have some tricky international number and date formatting issues to solve, and I'd like to run this by anyone who has experience with these matters. I spoke with WMVP Gary Frieder about this, and he suggested I search for posts by Klaus Linke, but I couldn't find the one he was referring to. I also noticed that Francois, another frequent Woody's Lounge contributor, has dealt with some of these issues as well. So if Klaus, Francois or anyone else has any input on this, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    I'm programming Word 2000 billing templates for my firm's Paris office which allows the user to choose between French and English for the language option in an initial dialog. If they choose French, they get routed to a template with French as the default language. If they choose English, they get routed to a second template with English (US) as the default language. OK, no problem. Word allows you to set a default language for each template. However, the number and date formats are a problem. Since these are billing templates, the numbers need to be added correctly and displayed in the selected language format in the calculated Word fields (i.e., SUM field). Similarly, the dates need to be validated that they are indeed correct dates (using IsDate function) and displayed in the selected language format.

    If the user chooses French:
    number format should be --> 1.000,00 (Notice that

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    Re: International number and date formatting (VBA/Word 2000)

    Regarding dates, if you have Visual Basic or Office Developer Edition, you can use the calendar drop-down control (the exact name of which escapes me) to control the date input. This will require that you package up the control and install it on every target computer, so this is not going to be as convenient as using your own code, assuming you find a way to do it.

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