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    Access 2000 Web capabilities (2000)

    I'd like to know what capabilities Access 2000's Web capabilities are from someone who has tapped into this functionality. I would like to make an Access 2000 database available on our intranet, but don't know quite where to start. I already have several forms developed in the database, ranging from simple to complex. How much form functionality will I be able to retain, and how difficult will it be to retain it? How much of a learning curve is there in getting up to speed in web enabling Access 2000?

    Thanks for sharing any thoughts on this.


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    Re: Access 2000 Web capabilities (2000)

    Hi Howard,

    One thing you should know up-front is that there is no easy way to convert an Access form into a web-based form. They are two completely different animals.

    There are several options for doing this. One is to use Data Access Pages (which you'll notice is one of the main Objects in Access (Tables, Queries... Data Access Pages). This feature is best used on Intranets. The catch is that everyone must have certain MS Office components installed in order to work with this information (I don't know the exact list of necessary components. You can search the MSKB for more info on this.)

    The second option is to write a data-driven web application using one of many available technologies (ASP, Cold Fusion, ASP.NET). I happen to work most with standard ASP at the moment. It's very easy to learn, especially if you've had experience with VBA or VB. However, like the game of chess, it's easy to learn but can be hard to master.

    Some functionality can be easily applied to a web environment, while some is difficult or impossible. The best place to start is to decide exactly what functionality you need on your web app (which you may have already done), then decide what option will suit you best (Data Access Pages or other web-based application platform).

    Please feel free to post back with any specific questions.

    Hope this helps

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