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    Insert Address Layout (2000 SR1)

    Although this involves both Word & Outlook I am fairly certain the solution lies in word so I am only posting here.

    For years I have been vaguely irked that when I use the Insert Address button on my toolbar the address always includes United Kingdom as the last line. Most of my contacts are in the UK as am I and therefore it is a pain to remove it.

    Having a free half hour today I tried to do something about it. According the the MS Knowledge Base I have to create a new autotext entry called AddressLayout. I did this as follows
    Now when I try to use the Insert Address button all I get is the name. It is not the end of the world as I can revert to the default (including the UK) by removing the autotext entry but can anybody tell me where I am going wrong?

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    Re: Insert Address Layout (2000 SR1)

    There seems to be a < missing in the first line. If you search for the recent thread on this, involving a lot of posts by Kevin, you will find more tips on how this syntax and all the { braces } work together.

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    Re: Insert Address Layout (2000 SR1)

    As Jefferson mentioned, I've had lots of fun recently with the AddressLayout autotext.

    If you only need a simple replacement for the built-it layout, you don't need the brackets.
    Remember to use Shift-Enter for the line breaks instead of a new paragraph [Enter].

    You can get pretty fancy as the brackets combined with the veritcal bar | can be used
    to produce if-then logic.

    Here's another thing to keep in mind: MS flubbed when it chose "AddressLayout" for
    the name of this autotext. Here's why: if you create AddressLayout in a corporate envirnoment
    -- that is, you've created it in a global template used by all -- , then your user's
    will see the autotext popup prompt every time they type "addr" -- which for us is fairly
    often. I got complaints about it, especially when users pressed [Enter]. They then
    get a paragraph full of layout field codes.

    I posted the solution to this (be sure to read Jefferson's post. The info fixes the Word 97 problem
    with the GetAddress method); it involves writing a sub that traps the
    Insert Address button (getaddress method) and uses a layout by another name.
    Look here: <post#=202908>post 202908</post#>
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