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    Corrupt Excel formulas (2002)

    Yesterday, I got a scare when most, but not all, of the cells referencing a particular worksheet function would not update. The error was that there was unrecognized text.

    When I right clicked to look at the error, I saw that Excel thought that there was an unprintable character (the infamous box) right after the comma following an arg of the form (Alpha!A23:B45, Alpha!D712).

    I could not manually fix things so I exported the code, got an older version of the spreadsheet (with the same/similar formulas) and recreated the workbook by importing the code.

    Today, the same problem occurred.
    This time, I just saved the workbook, and the problem was gone when I re-opened the workbook.

    What can cause such corruption?
    How can I reduce the chance of such corruption?

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    Re: Corrupt Excel formulas (2002)

    Is the code you mention for one or more User Defined Functions? If so are the functions using


    If not, can you post whatever code it is that's causing the problem, or perhaps a censored sample workbook?
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