I have a Windows 2000 Terminal Server which also has MetaFrame XPe loaded. It is running SP2 for W2K. Recently I have had a problem of the server shutting down unexpectedly. Oddly enough, it is not a BSOD shutdown and reboot but rather a dirty shutdown and reboot. It writes an Event Log ID of 6008 - Shutdown Unexpected. At first I thought it was a UPS problem and detached the UPS from the machine. However, the system shutdown again on Tuesday. I have run Compaq diagnostics on the system which have been evaluated by the Compaq Engineers with no results. I have also checked MSDN, and found some not very helpful articles about it. One Article, 250920 talks about a Windows 2000 Evaluation Version loaded on the system, but I am very sure that the version we have is not an Evaluation Version. Has anybody come across this before? Is there a way of stopping it?

Thank you.