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Thread: OL2K SMTP Error

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    OL2K SMTP Error

    I am using Win98 (original not 2nd Ed) and Office 2K with
    no patches or SRs. Starting Monday night I have been unable
    to send any outgoing messages. This is the error message I
    Server Response: '501 Blocked by Filter 0'. (Account 'cdix',
    SMTP Server: '(server name)', Error Number 0x800ccc63).

    When I called the ISP Tuesday morning, the guy said that
    they'd installed new software over the weekend, and that
    the reference to the filter meant that we had a virus
    that was being blocked going out. Well, whatever. So I
    upgraded my anti-virus software, downloaded dated-that-day
    virus definitions, scanned the whole schmear, nothing.
    No viruses. He bumped me up to the ISP's manager, who
    had me check all the DNS settings, POP and SMTP servers
    etc. No problem there. I have deleted and recreated each
    individual mail account in Outlook. Still doesn't work.
    Outlook Express doesn't work either, but Netscape
    Messenger does. So does Kmail on my Linux computer. But
    I don't want to use Messenger! I'm going to reinstall
    Outlook 2000 tonight, to see if that does anything.
    But does anyone have any idea what I or they have done here?
    ???? If my ISP has screwed up something, I want them to
    reimburse me for purchasing AV software unnecessarily!!!

    Thanks for any info.
    Mary Brodd

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    Re: OL2K SMTP Error

    I should add that I've checked the MS Knowledge Base,
    and found a reference to a problem with Outlook Express
    more than OL2K, that suggests checking the DNS host
    and domain, and computer name, on the Network app in
    the Control Panel. I know the computer name is correct
    (i.e. no apostrophes or anything other than letters),
    and the domain name and host are blank (those are
    given for the ISP in the Dial-Up Networking thingie
    for that particular ISP, yes?). I searched Google/Deja
    and found a general list that indicates a 501 error
    has to do with an incorrect SMTP parameter, but no
    more details than that. Oh, what am I to do.....

    Thanks for any info!

    Mary Brodd

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