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    add formula to column (8.0)

    How do you add a formula to an entire column? I want to use the =PROPER function to convert last names to proper punctuation. For instance (ADAMS) would need to be =PROPER("ADAMS") to return Adams. But how do I do the whole column without typing =PROPER in front of each one manually? I tried to concatentate the formula but I must be doing something wrong.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: add formula to column (8.0)

    Lets say your names are in A1:A50.

    1- In an empty column (lets say [img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] enter the following formula in the first cell (B1):


    2- Move the mouse cursor over cell B1. There should be a small dark square in the lower right corner of the cell when the cursor is in the cell. Move the cursor to the square, left click on the square and drag down to the row containing the last name in column A (B50 in this example). You should now have a column with Proper function applied to the names.

    3- Select all of the cells with the Proper names (B1:B50 in this example) and then select Copy from the Edit menu.

    4- Select the first cell in the original column of names, and select "Past Special..." from the Edit menu.

    5- In the Paste section of the dialog box select the "Values" radio button, then click on OK.

    The column should now contain the names with the proper case, and you can delete the column that contains the functions.

    If you actually want to put the Proper function into the original column, like your message indicated, then that will require writing a macro.
    Legare Coleman

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