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    File format error (Excel 2000)

    I tried opening an excel file he had many times before and is now getting a "file format not valid" error. Any idea if this is a configuration error or something entered wrong?

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    Re: File format error (Excel 2000)

    I've had this error before, usually the workbook is corrupted (Excel periodically <img src=/S/puke.gif border=0 alt=puke width=60 height=15> on itself, oone of many internal bugs it has and you're screwed). Try opening it in another version of Excel if you can. Also there are some Excel recovery tools on line you might try.

    You said this is a workbook that's been opened/used many times and I find that when it's a most used workbook, the odds of it self-destructing eventually become quite high (even MS tech support has told me this, especially if there's any VBA code in it).

    I usually end up re-creating all my critical workbooks every so often to try and alleviate this problem. Excel is not a stable program when it comes to non-trivial uses (large projects). <img src=/S/surrender.gif border=0 alt=surrender width=31 height=23>


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