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    How to split a file?

    Since Internet storage allows files no larger than 10MB, how to split a 15MB file into two smaller files before upload them to Internet storage? Can Winzip achieve it?

    System: WinXP home

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    Re: How to split a file?

    Yes sir, works like a charm. From the Winzip Help:
    <hr>To split a Zip file into smaller pieces:

    1. Open or create the Zip file.
    2. Choose Split from the Actions menu.
    3. Specify the name to be used for the split Zip file. The name must be different from the name of the open Zip file.
    4. Specify the size to be used for the individual parts. You can choose from common sizes using the Part size drop-down list or you can specify your own size. To specify your own size, choose "Other size" in the drop-down list and type the desired size in the Other size field. You can specify the size in bytes, kilobytes (KB), or megabytes (MB); indicate which you're using by clicking the appropriate radio button. The minimum size allowed is 65,536 bytes (64KB).
    5. Click OK to create the split Zip file.<hr>
    See my illustration attached.
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