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    Replication Manager 3.5

    I am using Replication Manager 3.5 to keep an Access 97 database updated with two replicas that are frequently changed. However, there were other test replicas that have since been deleted. Is there any way for me to remove them on the Replication Manager screen? I have four old replicas connected to my synchronizer with dotted lines that are "Unmanaged". How do I get Replication Manager to realize they don't exist anymore?

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    Re: Replication Manager 3.5

    Remove a replica from the replica set

    1 From the Windows Explorer, find the replica you want to delete.
    2 Click the replica that you want to delete, and press the DEL key.
    3 From another replica set member, attempt to synchronize with the deleted member. (This procedure broadcasts the deletion to the other members.)

    Caution Do not delete the Design Master for the replica set unless the Design Master is no longer functioning. Deleting the Design Master prevents you from changing the design of the database. Moreover, it's a good idea to check a replica for existing conflicts. Otherwise, the record of any existing conflicts will be lost when you delete (or move) the replica.

    Hope this helps

    Richard Aheron

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