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    Table alignment corruption (Word 2000 on Win 98)

    A colleague has a Word 2000 file on a floppy disk. When this is opened from Word 2000 a table is showing with the alignment of the cells all out of place. If the colleague then closes this instance and opens the file from the recently opened file list the problem is not replicated. Can anyone offer any words of wisdom about why this is happening and how to stop it ?
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    Re: Table alignment corruption (Word 2000 on Win 98)

    This sounds similar but not identical to the problem of opening documents with the File Type set to Recover Text From Any Document. Not identical, because you wouldn't even see any table cell boundaries if you did that. If your collegue doesn't normally view table gridlines and has no borders, I would check this first.

    Other than that... I'm not sure why, but Word has lots of problems with floppy disks. If you copy the file from floppy to hard drive, does the problem persist?

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