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    Are Master Documents a good idea yet? (Word 2K)

    For years (ever) I have avoided using Master documents as I have found every time I try to use them that they are inherently unstable. Recently I thought I'd try again. To my dismay the situation seems to be no better. I had a simple 4 page document which was to be my master, and a series of documents that need inserting as sub-documents. All of them use the same template which is stable under any other circumstance. I introduced the first sub-document all seem well except I couldn't view the contents of the first line, which happens to be row 1 of a table, to see if the problem was just on occurring in outline view I switched to print view and BANG Word closed without warning. The only other thing worth noting is that the documents are landscape.

    Any comments or help?


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    Re: Are Master Documents a good idea yet? (Word 2K)

    I think the general opinion is still that Master Documents are prone to corruption in all versions of Word up to and including Word 2000. XP might be different. Have a look at the thread starting at <post#=168010>post 168010</post#> and at Why Master Documents Corrupt. However, there are also people who think that the master document feature is OK, if used with care - see for example <post#=202125>post 202125</post#>.

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