Hi all,

I was over at Woody's perusing the archives and thought I'd drop in with this wonderfully yummy, incredibly easy recipe. Originally got it from a leader at Weight Watchers.

Easy Cherry Angel Food Cake

1 box one-step angel food cake mix (very important that it's one-step)
1 can regular or no-sugar added cherry pie filling

Add pie filling to cake mix in large bowl. Fold with spatula until incorporated and fluffy (make sure you scrape the bowl well to get all the mix powder from the sides). Pour into ungreased 9 x 13 glass or metal casserole dish. Bake according to cake box directions for an angel-food cake pan. Cool completely before cutting.

This is one of DH's favorite desserts. Tastes really yummy with whipped cream. Always a hit at parties. if you make it with the no sugar added pie filling is it amazingly low in fat!