I know how to import and link Excel spreadsheets into an Access database--done that. Today I encountered a weird problem. BTW: I searched this forum for answers, but found nothing similar. The nut of the matter: I'm using Access 2002 to import an Excel 2000 spreadsheet into an Access 2000 database. And it ain't workin'.

My db was constructed with Access2K. One of our computers now runs AccessXP. I used that computer today to work with the db, and I tried to link an Excel 2K spreadsheet with that db. I followed the usual steps: File > Get external data... > Link.... Then I located the target spreadsheet on our network drive and clicked on Link. I got no error messages of any kind, but the import/link wizard did not appear and the spreadsheet refused to appear in the list of tables. I had the same problem when I tried to just import vs. link--same results.

I then went to a machine that runs Access 2000 and got the job done, no problem. Then, back at the Access 2002 machine, I again opened the db and--big as life--there sits the linked table! What's going on here?