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    Error 5630 (A2K, Word 2000)

    I'm getting this error message when I try to e-mail a merged word document - #5630 - Word cannot merge documents that can be distributed by mail or fax without a valid mail address. Choose the Setup button to select a mail address data field . I am using VBA to pull the e-mail address (which is a valid address) from an Access query and populate the "To" address in Outlook, so I'm not sure what "mail address" word is looking for. Also, I can't seem to locate the "Setup" button referred to in this error message. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Lisa Z.

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    Re: Error 5630 (A2K, Word 2000)

    You appear to be getting tangled up between Word merges to email and Outlook automation. You don't need any of the latter, but you do need to setup the Word merge document so it knows which field to use as the email address. I've never had any luck doing it any way but manually to setup the Word document to begin with, but once it's been setup, then you can use Automation to run the whole thing from Access. If this isn't terribly clear, post the code you are trying to use and we'll have a go at what needs to be changed to make it work.

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