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    How to globally edit autotext entries (Word 2000)

    We have a client that has stored "hundreds" of autotext entries in their template file. They would like a way to "globally" edit these entries and save the changes back into their template file. We do not want to have to open up each individual autotext entry and make changes but rather copy all entries to a separate file if need be for editing within word and then re-copy back the edited updated version to the template file.

    Is there a simple way to do this??

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    Re: How to globally edit autotext entries (Word 2000)


    There are three steps that are going to have to be taken:

    (1) copy out all of the autotexts into a new document
    (2) edit all of the autotexts
    (3) update each autotext entry to reflect the edited version.

    Of these three, it's hard to see how the last two could be done otherwise than manually - so that is going to be a load of work, no matter how you cut it.
    You could automate the first step like so:

    <pre>Public Sub GetAllAutotexts()
    Dim ATES As AutoTextEntries
    Dim ATE As AutoTextEntry
    Set ATES = NormalTemplate.AutoTextEntries
    For Each ATE In ATES
    Selection.TypeText "Autotext entry: " & ATE.Name & vbCr
    ATES(ATE.Name).Insert Where:=Selection.Range, RichText:=True
    Selection.TypeText vbCr & vbCr
    Next 'ATE
    Set ATES = Nothing
    Exit Sub
    End Sub


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    Re: How to globally edit autotext entries (Word 2000)

    I still have not written the "AutoText Manager" I mentioned years ago. If MS will allow storing
    AutoText as XML in Word 11, maybe I won't need to. But, gee, the autotext handling features
    in Word are sorely lacking -- as Adelie has just discovered.
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