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    Downloaded MS Sound file won't play (Powerpoint 2000)

    Is there any reason that a sound file I downloaded from the MS Design Gallery Live won't play when I insert it into a presentation? It plays when I preview it at the MS site, but when I try to play it from "Downloaded Clips" in the Insert Sound dialog box, the MS media player opens up, and it seems to be playing, but there is no sound. Needless to say, it does not play in the presentation either. Have I messed up some setting somewhere for the media player? IS there anything I can do? I need to convince one of my vice-presidents that he does not need to record an audio CD into a presentation that he plans to send through e-mail, and I really need to be able to offer him an alternative smaller downloaded file.

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    Re: Downloaded MS Sound file won't play (Powerpoint 2000)

    What kind of file are you dealing with - a WMA, an MP3, a REAL, a MIDI, or some other type? Anything other than MIDI is probably going to give you grief if you are sending it via email, unless the recipient has a really huge attached file capability. Most ISPs limit attached files to something on the order of 2 to 5 Mbytes.

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