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    Clipart off Office CD (Office 97)

    When inserting clip art in Word or Powerpoint, there is a limited selection on the hard drive, wioth a much larger selection on the Office CD.
    I would like to move the whole collection onto my hard drive. Is there an easy way to do this? (long way round seems to be to import each one, assigning it to its own categories - rather long-winded)

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    Re: Clipart off Office CD (Office 97)

    You're in luck! The Office 97 (Professional) disc has an installer for the Clip Art. Simply run ClipartSetup.exe (from the CD) and you're in business!

    (My disc is one of the earlist out (pre-SR1), so there may be some differences between the versions.)

    I imagine you could also re-run the Office setup and opt to include more of the clipart there. Although, I think you get more from the Setup as mentioned above.

    Hope this helps!

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