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    Send To Command (Office XP)

    Our administrator just loaded Office XP on our computers. Those people that have Windows 98 or ME have discovered that when they want to e-mail an attachment from within Word or Excel -- the following occurs...They open the saved document, click on FILE and SEND TO, then MAIL RECIPIENT AS ATTACHMENT. This opens Outlook with the attachment included in the message area. However, it won't SEND. Just sits there. We can open Outlook and insert the attachment into the Outlook message and it sends just fine. I have Windows 2000 with Office XP and have no problems sending from within Word or Excel. Any idea what's going on and/or if it can be fixed?

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    Re: Send To Command (Office XP)

    There is another version of this problem on the Outlook board. Please follow the link to read more and post your suggestions there.

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