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    Protected forms issues across Word versions (97 & XP)

    Background: We WERE a Windows NT/Office 97 shop and are undergoing the transition to XP. Most of our users are still on Office 97, but we've got a handful that have already switched over to XP.

    I'm in charge of creating most of the forms in the office. In all of the forms that I created in Word 97, I password protected the form so that the users would be able to open the form and fill in the fields (using Tab to jump from field to field), but they wouldn't be able to change the text/layout of the form, etc. When we were all using Word 97, no one ever had problems opening the forms, etc. However, some of my Word XP users have been calling with problems opening the forms now. When they open them, they are getting a password prompt. If they click Cancel, they get a "Run Time Error 4198, Command Failed" If they click End, then they can use the form as they normally would. If I UNProtect the form, the problem goes away, but that's not really an option since the users will be able to edit the form, and won't be able to easily fill them out. So my question is: how to work around this. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Protected forms issues across Word versions (97 & XP)

    Do you have any new AutoOpen or DocumentOpen macros (e.g., in or a global template) that want to make a change to the document when it is opened? That would seem to be the more logical explanation for a run-time error, not something wrong with your legacy documents.

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