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    Toggle between Word as e-mail editor & not (98)

    Is there a way I can toggle between using Word as the e-mail editor and not by clicking on an icon, or using a shortcut key? Currently, I have to go all the way to Tools |Options |Mail Format and select the option manually. Any shortcuts available, or is some programming required?

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    Re: Toggle between Word as e-mail editor & not (98)

    I believe you have to use SendKeys to simulate your keystrokes. The other ways that Outlook differentiates messages that are supposed to be opened in WordMail, or not, either are not changeable or do not seem to have any effect. For example, if you highlight a message and then, in the VB Editor's Immediate window, type (or paste) and then press Enter after:

    activeexplorer.Selection(1).getinspector.iswordmai l = true
    Error: read-only property

    activeexplorer.Selection(1).getinspector.wordedito r = true
    No error, has no effect

    activeexplorer.Selection(1).getinspector.currentit em.formdescription.usewordmail = true
    No error, has no effect

    If you open a message and then try these:

    activeinspector.WordEditor = true
    Error 91 (?)

    activeinspector.IsWordMail = True
    Compile Error

    Pretty discouraging...

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