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    Finding Office Product Key (MS Office any version)

    I am trying to tie up some loose ends with our software at work by identifying which licenses are being used on which pc's.
    The only problem is that the product key as displayed on the sticker on the jewel case is not the same as the Product ID displayed in help about on the pc! thus I am unable to identify if the license is currently installed or available to be used...
    Does anyone have a tool or information that will allow me to link the Product key on the cd case to the installed product id on each PC? I would prefer a tool that I can use across the network rather than running around to each pc in the company.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Finding Office Product Key (MS Office any version)

    There's no 2-way conversion between the CD "key" and the "ID" you can read out of the registry, but you can run your keys (if you have them in IT) forward to calculate the IDs. See the thread starting with <!post=Post #108563,108563>Post #108563<!/post>.

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    Re: Finding Office Product Key (MS Office any version)

    To retrieve product keys from Registry, you can use utilities as Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder or similar.

    To collect serial numbers for installed Microsoft products, you can use tools like msinfo32.exe.

    I don't know the utility to do it remotely through the network.

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