One thing I've never found an answer to (among many!) is the customizing of the status of tray icons. In this case, there's one in particular that's annoying and inconvenient as well - Mailwasher! In my customizing, I have Mailwasher's tray icon set to "Always Show," but that stinker keeps changing to "Hide When Inactive." It may very well be caused by the fact that I'm running his Version 2 beta, but I wouldn't see the client software telling XP to change THAT setting. I'm working around it by clicking on the "new mail" icon when it appears and then Mailwasher will open OK. Anyone know of a fix? This whole taskbar thing is a real buggaboo - first it's the hiding tooltips, then Viking loses his QuickLaunch icons and now the tray icon customizing. Tidbits in the grand scheme of things, but annoying none the less.