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    Word prints reduced page size (2002)

    I'm finding an odd problem that seems to be affected all Word 2002 users in an office. Oftentimes they are printing Word documents that are printing reduced page size. It is as if Word was printing a redlined document with the balloons feature. Except:
    -- It prints the reduced size when "Use balloons in print and web layout" option is deselected. And no balloons or redline options are shown
    -- Print preview shows a full size document.
    -- Oddest of all: If the user waits a few minutes after opening the document or her last edit, it prints correctly. It is as if Word needs to finish its internal processing of the document.

    Anyone else experience this?

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    Re: Word prints reduced page size (2002)

    I have experienced something similar to what you've described. I've found that two settings affect the print out and depending on how they're set they can cause a print out of reduced size. The settings are - in the Review toolbar (Final, Final showing mark up, etc.) and in the print dialog box Print What (Document, Document properties, Document showing mark up, etc.). The attached document is a table that shows the resulting print out with the different settings. I've found that this generaly holds true for most if not all situations. Hope this helps. <img src=/S/2cents.gif border=0 alt=2cents width=15 height=15>

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