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    programming (2000 SR-1)

    This may not be the place for this question, ... if not, please advise.

    I have been learning C++ (trying) because I want to have a program where I can input data from several multi-dimensional family systems, and according to statistical formulas that I will work out, have the program present me with a final "score" for different variables that are each dependent on certain components of the original multi-dimensional family systems I mentioned. ( ... a future work in field of psychology)

    My question is this (before I spend TONS of time learning a program I may not need, etc.): Can this sort of thing all be done within a program like Access, or will it indeed take the writing of a program specifically for this purpose, that perhaps uses Access to simply store the data?


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    Re: programming (2000 SR-1)

    You don't need to have C++ training to work with Access - in fact if you do try to use C++ you will be limited to the Jet functions in the backend database, and you loose all the forms and reports functions that you get with Access. You do have a set of reasonably robust statistical functions in Access, and even more that are available with Excel, but there may be some specialized statistical functions in your field that neither provide. In that case you might have to resort to creating some sort of DLL that was called from Access, and it could be written in C++ or Visual Basic. I presume you have ruled out the commercial statistical packages such as StatPak and others for what you need to do.

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