I am developing with VB .NET on a Windows XP SP1 platform.

One of my programs attempts to send data to Excel. After installation on a Windows XP system it works just dandy but on Windows NT and Windows 98 I get the above error.

The Knowledge Base (Oxymoron that it is), ID Number Q320108, tells me that the Oleaut32.dll file that comes with XP cannot be used with earlier versions of the Windows operating system. Thanks for that Microsoft, why doesn't a warning come up when I build my solution?

There appears, or at least I can't find it, to be no posted solution for .NET but in the above KB article it tells you how to work around it for VB 6.0 SP5.

Unfortunately I have looked in my dependencies for a reference to this file but it just is not there. If it were I could exclude it and include the correct file version.

Any help on this will incur my perpetual gratitude.


Kevin Bell