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    oddities on startup and shutdown

    1. on startup, sometimes the screen hangs on the initial windows screen and refuses to go any further. sometimes it decides, on its own (of course!) to open in safe mode. when either of these two things happen, CTRL-ALT-DEL doesn't work to get out of it, so i have to push the power button to shut down and start over again. sometimes it will do this two or three times before it starts up right. no, i don't touch or hit any other keys. i usually will go do something else while the 'puter is starting up. it's so slow that i hate to waste the time just sitting there.
    2. on shutdown, i seem to get a little box that has this message: DeviceChangeListener is not responding (not exact words, but that's the gist. the DCL part is correct, though), then it offers me the choices of waiting, exiting or shutting down (i think those are the right ones. i always tell it to exit. it waits about another 15-25 seconds, then shuts down. i have no idea what the heck a DeviceChangeListener is, and can't seem to find it when i use the Find function on start menu.
    all i do know is this: these two things are driving me batty, especially when it happens to my husband, who thinks that i am the IT support for the household, and demands that i fix it!. does anyone have any ideas for me? thanks for your help. have a blessed holiday!

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    Re: oddities on startup and shutdown

    Hi ladyleadfoot

    Have you recently installed or run any programs with Java script?
    You could try Control-Alt-delete when you get the message at shutdown and see if there are any "Program Not responding" messages.

    Also you could try Mike Lin's Startup Control Panel to see if there are any programs loading at startup that shouldn't be there.

    Have a Great holiday!!!
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