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    norton internet security 2003

    recently installed it, as norton antivirus had expired, and it was cheaper to buy internet security with antivirus than it was to buy the upgrade and a firewall separately. internet security seems to work fairly well, as near as i can tell, with the default settings, except with one site. i play at a place called, a virtual pet site. whenever i go there, and attempt to collect my freebies for the day, i get the following message: ERROR : Oops you have been directed to this page from the wrong place! If you KEEP getting this error, chances are you have some security settings enabled that are not letting you play Neopets correctly. the only way around this is to disable internet security totally while i am there. this defeats the purpose, obviously. i don't know how or where to change the settings, as the manual is quite cryptic. i don't even know what to change the settings to if i could figure out how to do so. would anyone have any ideas for me? thanks for your time and help. have a blessed holiday!


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    Re: norton internet security 2003

    I wonder if NIS is suppressing the HTTP Referrer information? This could give you a bit more privacy, but if a site is trying to avoid random access, it could lead to an error message. If you turn off NIS and bookmark the destination that doesn't work with NIS on, can you use that favorite without generating the error? If so, I'm probably guessing wrong. If not, I'll up the bet.

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