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    Site Navigation (FP2000)

    I have found a nav bar that I would like to use on a web site. It's a floating menu that slides up & down the LHS of the page. (

    I have successfully added it to my index page, but when I nav to another page it disapears (the script is only on index.html)
    Do I have to add this script to all my site pages, or is there a way to link to all pages it so that I only need to have 1 copy on my site?

    Any sugestions would be very appreciated.

    Neville Wenban

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    Re: Site Navigation (FP2000)

    You can import a script from a .js file into a page with code like this:

    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" SRC="/menus.js"></SCRIPT>

    Note that the .js file I'm envisioning contains the code that would normally go inside the <SCRIPT> and </SCRIPT> tags, and no HTML at all.

    However, you might need to set a variable on each page, too, if you want the "current page" highlighted or disabled in the nav bar. I'm not sure of the best way to do that, but I think you can see that this would be a useful thing to have if it's not too difficult to code.

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