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    Import Old Messages (6.00)

    I bought a new Computer with Windows XP Home. I have Outlook Express Version 6. My old computer was upgraded to Windows XP Home and also has Outlook Express Version 6. I want to import all my email messages from the old computer to the new computer, but the import export process is not working for me.

    Are there any tricks, considerations, issues, etc. that I need to know about to do this. My brother said to network the two computers and then try to import, however, that seems like a lot of work for something that should be simple. Would appreciate any help.

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    Re: Import Old Messages (6.00)

    No trick, just backup.
    Click OPTIONS, MAINTENANCE, STORE FOLDER. Highlight & copy the folder name displayed. Click START, RUN, in the open box past the file location, click OK. In the window that opens, click EDIT Menu & SELECT ALL; click COPY. Right click empty space on desktop, click NEW, FOLDER, type Mail Backup for the file name. Double click the icon, on the edit menu select paste.
    To mport the files from this backup: Open Outlook select IMPORT, select MESSAGES, in the select an email program to import from; select OE6, click next, select import from OE6 store directory, select browse, select your mail folder backup on your desktop, CLICK,OK, NEXT,ALL FOLDERS, NEXT, FINISH.

    I think I got it all, if not let me know. This should work.

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