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    Table on each page (word 2000)

    This has me baffled:
    I am making an old fashioned form that will have a table where each row (below the top one) will provide space for people to hand write name and some other information. (It's barbaric, I know, but they won't be changing it this year.) This should be in a "table" format (but I'm open to building it however), and needs to be repeated on each page. Some other data extrapolated from a database will be put in on each page -- different data on each page -- that data had been in another table above the table for handwritten input. They used to put in the data, print the document, replace the data, print the document , etc.
    "Put the repeated stuff in the Header or Footer!" I can hear you saying. I said it myself. BUT....
    It appears that the footer or the header will only provide me with a table that covers half the page. The non-repeating data will take up 3 lines at most, and the balance of the (landscape) page should be the table for handwritten input. I'd appreciate any suggestions about a way around this short of programmatically copying the table to each page -- that's my fallback position.

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    Re: Table on each page (word 2000)

    You can place a text box in the header and move this text box so that it covers any part of the page that you want. Turn off the text box borders and put your table in the text box.


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    Re: Table on each page (word 2000)

    You should be able to fill the entire page with the header, but by default Word will shink the available space on the page. To force Word to start the page at a particular point, say, 1" down from the top margin, add a minus sign (hyphen) in the Page Setup dialog before the top margin setting. (I call this an "absolute" margin because it does not adjust for the header size.) This will allow you, if you wish, to superimpose text in the document body into the table in the header. In fact, all you will need on each page is the new data for the relevant pre-filled-out rows followed by a manual page break.

    I'm attaching a sample. Pretty much everything is random and just nudged one way or another to make the layout work. It should open in Normal view showing just the three lines of column headings (separated by page breaks). Switch to Print layout or Print preview to see how it overlays the table in the header. Obviously there are many variations on this theme...
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