I hope that I am not repeating a question. When I try to copy data files to a cd using the copy and paste commands in explorer, the CD Wizard comes up, and then the green progress line. When it gets to 5 seconds remaining it goes on for several minutes and then tells me there was a problem writing to the CD and warns me that the CD may no longer be useable. This occurs if I try to copy a folder with several files. If I copy one file, it seems to works according to the book. On the other hand if I use Roxio's software, the folders are written to the disk. I understand that this uses two different methods, but why does the direct CD writing built into XP not work for me?
Additional information: I discovered that if I format my CD using Roxio's format utility, I can copy directly using explorer. When that occurs, my Send to options change and no longer include D: CD burner. Hoping someone has some help.