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    What athe H*** is oleaut32.dll?

    What the H*** is Oleaut32.dll?

    I've recently replaced my HD - actually, it was under warrenty and the company I got the computer from sent a techie out to do the hard work. He installed Win98 SE from the recovery disk provided by the computer manufacturer. A folder now exisits on my new HD called Win98 CD that never lived on my old HD.

    So, here I was this evening, playing Myst III on my Win98 SE machine and all of a sudden.... pfft! I reboot and get two error messages saying that my machine can't find:

    Having a backup of everything I own on a second hard drive, I tried to use My Computer and/or Windows Explorer to copy and paste the files to where they belong but every time I tried to do that, my system shut down. Said it couldn't access Internet Explorer. Fortunately, I was able to log on to my computer over my LAN and do the cut and paste job.

    Now, everything works fine.

    A little work on the net seems to indicate that these two dll files have something to do with Windows NT. I don't have NT on my machine.

    Could someone with more brain than mine please explain what is happening? Maybe someone can ask me some questions so I can provide more information to help figure this out. I must admit that I am at a complete loss to explain this.

    I will post this on the Win 98 section too... just in case someone there knows what is going on.

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    Re: What athe H*** is oleaut32.dll?

    Further responses in the Win 98 thread please!

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