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    Changes in Query automatically saved (ACCESS 2000)

    When I make a change to a query, then click on close, I am not getting the usual notice that changes were made and offering me the option of saving or not. Changing the confirm action queries, etc., do not have an effect. I am suspecting that there is simply something wrong with my installation and I need to reinstall. What do you think?

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    Re: Changes in Query automatically saved (ACCESS 2000)

    Some stupid questions:
    <UL><LI>Does the problem persist when you close down Access and restart your computer?
    <LI>If so, does it occur in *all* databases or just a specific database?
    <LI>If the latter, does it occur for *all* queries in that database or just a specific query?[/list]If the problem occurs in a specific database, you might try creating a new empty database and importing all objects (tables, queries, forms, ...) from the problem database into the new one. Perhaps the new database won't have this problem.

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