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    Word 6 and Latter Day Windows

    Does anyone have experience running Office 4.2 under
    Windows 98 and/or Windows 2000? Is 4.2 compatible
    with either or both of these operating systems? I
    use a fairly elaborate NORMAL.DOT with Word 6, and
    Word has not added any features I need or want since
    v. 6. Also, v. 6 is very stable for me and I've
    never (knock on wood) had a corrupted document with
    it--the two most important considerations for me. So,
    basically, I'd like to hang on to Word 6 when I
    migrate to a new computer with a contemporary
    operating system. Will that work?

    Zack Replica
    Sheridan, Wyoming

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    Re: Word 6 and Latter Day Windows

    Word 6 was not as stable as any of the later versions. If it was stable your you, you were lucky.

    Word 6 does not provide support for long file names. It might be harder/imposible to use newer apps with Word 6.

    Word 6 does not support VBA, which means macro development is stunted.

    WordBasic macros do not necessarily work correctly when imported int o a latewr version of Word, so you'd have to convert the macros to VBA. See my web site for comments on WB to VBA conversion.

    Note the benefits of using VBA instead of WB are significant.

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    Re: Word 6 and Latter Day Windows

    Hi Zack,

    I've installed Word 6.0 on Win 95/98, but not Win2000 so I don't know.

    The only problem you might run into is during the installation.

    Should you get an error message in regards to Share.exe, all you need to do is create a text file named Share.exe and place it in C:WindowsCommand.

    Note that Share.exe is no longer used by Windows but the Word 6.0 installation looks for it.

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