About a month ago, we pushed out Windows 2000 Pro Service Pack 3. At the same time, I updated our administrative installation point for Office 2000 SR-1 Pro with the latest patches, and we pushed an Office 2000 "recache/reinstall". Since then, most users have been seeing new behavior: the "Preparing to install", and "Please wait while Windows configures Office" progress bars appear with nearly every launch of every Office application or component. (Office 2000 Service Pack 3 was not available at the time of the original push. I have since updated again with Office 2000 SP3, and the problem is worse, if anything.)

Today, I examined some fresh Office installation logs more closely, and I think I've found the problem: The ALLUSERS=2 setting, which is consistent in the command line, .INI file, and transform, is apparently being ignored by the Windows Installer (MSI). But I have old Office installation logs that show the ALLUSERS=2 setting used to get through just fine. As I understand it, without the ALLUSERS switch, Office 2000 is not going to install correctly on multi-user operating systems. (ALLUSERS works a little differently in Office XP, I believe.)

So that leaves me with two questions: 1) What broke? and 2) How do I fix it? (I have a suspicion on the first question: Office 2000 used MSI version 1.1, but the Windows Service Pack upgraded MSI to version 2.0.) Has anyone else out there seen this behavior? Do any of you have a fix or workaround? I'm getting desperate: Office 2000 is almost unuseable in this state, and I don't even have a way to back out of this situation. Sande