I recently downloaded and installed Norton Anti-virus 2003 and Norton Utilities 2002. The downloads and installations went uneventfully but then an error message started to show up when I logged on to the computer.

First some information which may illuminate the situation.

We use the Family Logon setting with Windows 98SE which enables each user to customize his own Desktop, Favorites, My Documents folders, etc.

However, anything located in C:Program Files is common to all the users of the computer and cannot be personalized. This is where Norton Anti-virus and Utilities are installed and so all users are protected.

I was logged on as the user when the download took place. I did everything required to set up the virus scan and updates, etc. restarted the computer as directed, etc.etc. and later logged off.

The computer does not shut down when you log off, it goes to sleep, so to speak, waiting for the next person to log on.

When the next person logs on and when all of his individualized settings have loaded on to the screen including the Icon for Auto Protect which appears in the taskbar AN ERROR MESSAGE comes on saying:

This happens to each user, including me, and if you ignore the message and don't restart the Computer the Auto Protect Icon gets a cross thru it indicating that Auto Protect is disabled. If you comply and restart - Auto Protect dutifully appears where it should and does its job.

I have searched the Norton Data Base and can't find anything to explain this or how to correct it. The only thing that was remotely related was something about systems that have an Administrator. But this specifically related to Windows XP and maybe 2000, but it definitely did not include Windows 98SE. Our family logan does not have an Administrator. We are all equals.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled NAV 03 three times and the same thing has happened each time. I have never had any experience with drivers because our system has worked without a hitch since we have had it and everything that I have downloaded just took care of installing whatever it needed.

Sorry this has been so long, but I know that the people who are so helpful in answering our questions usually need more details so I have tried to provide them in advance.

Thanks for any help you can offer.