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Can i link an excel table with an Access query ?

In order for my Access database to be connected with a a further accountant program, the developers required to have the source data converted into an excel table.
In order to do it, i have converted the following access query into execl:

SELECT DISTINCTROW Orders.paymentid, Orders.invoicedate, Customers.Customerid, Customers.CompanyName, products.Productid, products.code, [order

FROM (Customers RIGHT JOIN Orders ON Customers.Customerid = Orders.customerid) INNER JOIN ([order details] INNER JOIN products ON [order

details].ProductID = products.Productid) ON Orders.OrderID = [order details].OrderID
WHERE (((Orders.paymentid)=True))
ORDER BY Orders.invoicedate;

i will have to export the above access query into an excel table several times in the month.I will have to do it manually, by selecting
Toole-office links-excel.Can i automate the proces,somehow by linking the excel table ito the access query, so that each time i change the data in the
query, the data in the excel table are updated ?