Can anyone tell me if this will work?
if it does why isnt everyone doing it

i recall a tip from a newsletter source as follows.
If u open the Junk Senders list u can edit it so as to catch all email from a domain
it said (as i recall)
1. add the email to the list (click on the email from spammer@spamdomain.com and add to Junk list)
2. Open Junk Senders.txt and edit the entry added from above to *@spamdomain.com

the idea is that if they change their address all the time to overcome filters and this will catch all the emails from that domain
it would need to be used wisely - if u block 'hotmail' then u wouldnt get the spam but u wouldnt get Gradma's letter either
U would probably have to set-up the supposed spam to go to a holding folder for occassional checking

I havent tried it - i have a big list and it would take a lot of editing
I would appreciate a hint if this will work