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    inserting pictures (always have to resize) (97)

    Every time I insert a jpeg into ppt, I have to resize it (because I want it to fill the whole screen). Is there any way i can change the defaults so that every time I insert a jpeg it automatically fills the screen (or close to it). It would make my photoalbum compiling so much quicker.

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    Re: inserting pictures (always have to resize) (97)

    The jpegs are coming in at their default size. So if they were resized before they were inserted. That should work. But it is also a lot of work. And I believe you want to do this in PPT. The best way might be via a macro.
    I'm not running PPT 97 anymore - but here is a chuck of sample code from the PPT 2000 help file
    <pre>Set myDocument = ActivePresentation.Slides(1)
    For Each s In myDocument.Shapes
    Select Case s.Type
    Case msoEmbeddedOLEObject, msoLinkedOLEObject, _
    msoOLEControlObject, msoLinkedPicture, msoPicture
    s.ScaleHeight 1.75, True
    s.ScaleWidth 1.75, True
    Case Else
    s.ScaleHeight 1.75, False
    s.ScaleWidth 1.75, False
    End Select

    Just a note - in scaling - you are not setting an absolute measurement - instead objects are scaled relative to their current size. So you might want to make each picture .50 of it's current height and width.

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    Re: inserting pictures (always have to resize) (97)

    In addition to WebGenii's suggestion, you might want to look into the photo album addins that Scott C and Shyam P have developed. You can specify full-screen and import a bunch of images all in one swell foop.

    Note that there's also a photo album addin available free for PPT 2000, and if you're using PPT 2002/XP, it's an inherent feature.

    Finally, you can resize the images in an image editor so that they're properly sized (pixel-wise) to come in full-screen. Info on how to do that is available at

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