Yes, it's taboo to start a new thread to say thanks, but I feel that this forum in particular has assisted me in many, many, ways, and has contributed greatly to the completion of my project.

Each and every post I have made to this forum, and it's wonderful responses has been as a result of a single application I have been developing. The resources, knowledge, and support I have gained here has been incredible, making this site one of my most highly recommended.

So, to all of you who read, mostly to all of you who responded to my sometimes vauge and outlandish requests, THANK YOU! Without you all, the entire project would not have been possible. Woody's Lounge, and the WOPR crew, have been acknowledged in my credits, and although i'm not quite finished yet, i'm amazed at what i've been able to create with all your help.

Best Wishes and Regards,