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    Chart printing over many pages (excel 2002)

    I have a long chart (goes to the right) that I want to print but I can't seem to find a way to make it print out over several pages. It will show the chart spread over a worksheet bu won't print that way. A preview shows the first page OK but all others are blank. Can I do this?

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    Re: Chart printing over many pages (excel 2002)

    Believe it or not, this seems to be a "feature" of your printer driver. If you have an embedded chart on a worksheet and the worksheet is selected, then you should be able to print the chart on multiple pages. But, if you have a "good" printer (like a HP Laser Jet), it will only print the first 5 or 6 pages of your chart. If you have a "super" printer (like a Lexmark) then you can get more pages (I tested it with 8 pages which worked (although the print preview was a little screwy after 5 pages), but then decided I was wasting paper). If you have a "home" printer (ink jet), then you may only be able to print one page (don't have one here to test). Isn't that the pits!? --Sam
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